Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Use Video for Business

Benefits of Video Marketing: Why use video for business, it improves engagement with your audience and is an effective means of promoting your brand.

Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Use Video for Business
Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Use Video for Business

Still not sure why video marketing matters? This popular strategy has a ton of benefits, ranging from increased traffic to increased revenue.Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Use Video for Business.Companies need many things to flourish: visionary leadership, a compelling offering, exceptional service and more. But in today's noisy marketing landscape, what your brand really needs is a story.

Stories make for better marketing because they evoke emotion. They can influence who we trust, play on our apathy, and help us make sense of complex information. A truly great story can convey the entire character of a brand in less than three minutes, and clever stories can help you become particularly persuasive.

Benefits of Video Marketing: Why Use Video for Business:

1. Video Boost Conversion and Sales:

First things first. Videos can earn you some serious money. Adding product videos to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. And the TreePodia team has made sure that the video works well without the category in which you deploy it.

Video can also lead directly to sales. The study shows that 74% of users watched a lecturer-video about a product, later purchasing it. So better start crafting your exciting product video now!

2. Increase Revenue:

According to research by the Aberdeen Group, marketers using video are growing the company's revenue 49% year-over-year.

3. Decision Buying Decision:

According to Forbes, 90% of customers say product video helps them make decisions, and 64% say they are more likely to buy than watch videos, according to Animato.

In addition, 97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service according to HubSpot.

4. Increases video conversion rates:

Video should be seen as an investment - according to HubSpot, conversions including videos on a landing page can increase up to 80%! Watching a compelling presenter in a video can influence buying behavior and persuade a visitor to convert to a lead (or a lead to convert into a customer!), As opposed to just the same information. Is the opposite of reading. Expressing the right emotions through video is a powerful selling tool! In addition, they can serve as built-in tutorials or testimonials depending on the angle you are making.

5. Search engines love videos:

Search engines are looking for content that engages audiences. Nothing attracts many more long and more page views like a video. Not only this, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you place your video on your website as well as YouTube, your visibility and opportunity to show up in search is greatly increased. What's more, if you promote your video through social media, your chances of passing through the roof increase!

6. Video builds trust and credibility:

Videos are the perfect way to create a personality for your company and your brand, allowing you to connect with your audience and earn their trust. 90% of users say that products are helpful in the video decision process. The more videos you have to help educate and inform your customers, the more you build on the foundation of trust. And the trust translates to sales.

7. Live video is becoming increasingly popular:

Live streaming via Facebook and Instagram Live has been used by businesses and celebrities alike. This is exactly what it is called on the tin: videos that have been filmed live. If you can do live filming well, there are heaps of awards.

One of the major benefits of live video marketing is that it encourages people to engage and post comments. People connect with this association. On Facebook Live, the person being recorded can view the comments and react.

Similarly, Instagram launched IGTV, where one-hour videos can be uploaded, rather than using stories that have a time restriction. With more and more people consuming video content on the go, seeing their phones in the 'position vertical' position, IGTV is a great way to benefit from this growing trend.


Video ads are becoming more and more affordable and widespread. Video adoption increases partly because technology advances, but also because it is easy to spread worldwide. Creating marketing videos for your business requires creativity and knowledge of human psychology. The cocktail of these components makes it possible to create real advertising wonders at minimal cost.

Emotionally charged, creative video advertising can spread across the Internet in millions of days, generating millions of views. And this is the whole point of video marketing: the only creative existence! See the best video and animation service providers with us along with ratings, reviews, services, contacts and addresses. In Vfikr, Directory of Professional Services in East Delhi, Delhi.