Differentiation: a big challenge for Professional Service Firms

If you would like to prevent competition on price alone, then it's going to be time to develop a robust differentiation strategy.Differentiation: a big challenge for Professional Service Firms

Differentiation: a big challenge for Professional Service Firms
Differentiation: a big challenge for Professional Service Firms

Has your Professional Service stopped growing?

It is for several firms. And it isn't hard to ascertain why.

Once, expertise was a firm needed to increase it all. Expertise not only got you within the door. It also helped you win the account. it had been simple, easy and easy .

But things have changed. Key trends like developing customer expectations, more intense competition, and providing flexible service have led to a dramatic shift within the professional services landscape.

These trends have led to the event of professional services that alone are a challenge supported expertise.

Differentiating your firm from the competition - this is often one among the foremost difficult tasks in professional services and yet one among the foremost important.

The perceived reality within the minds of the many clients is that each one accountants / lawyers / consultants offer an equivalent services within the same markets with similar services. once you see the examples below from the particular proposal documents, it's easy to ascertain why this view is placed.

Benefits of differentiation

There are some major advantages to using the differentiation strategy. Here are some benefits.

  • You do not got to compete on price alone.

Since you've got differentiated yourself from your competitors, potential customers cannot reduce their option to the value dimension alone.

  • You have more and more appeal to your audience .

Since you're different, and doubtless better, you create more attractive choices. This makes it easy to get interest and shut sales.

  • There is no direct option.

This is the purpose associated with the appeal of your difference. the shortage of direct comparability forces the prospect to specialise in the incremental value of your difference. It adds the worth that there are not any other options.

  • You increase loyalty.

Greater value and lack of comparable options cause greater loyalty to your company. there's no good reason to modify (if you're keeping your promise) and there's no comparable choice to switch.

  • You can earn more fees.

Assuming that your differentiation is one that adds value and isn't available anywhere else you're during a position to command higher charges. this is often very true if your differential is around specific expertise.

Whether your strategy is broad or very focused, it should begin by identifying the differentiators of your firm.

So how are you able to make your firm stand out from the competition within the minds of your current and potential customers?

The key for professional services firms is to know that the difference lies within the mind of the beholder; this is often a function of the customer , not knowledgeable services firm. Not "why are we different", but what's different about us from the customer's point of view.

So, how can professional services firms stand out? Is it possible to make a brand which will establish a definite and compelling position for the firm?

this is. And it starts with information, which is as important for branding as preparing an audit or brief . To be effective, research must specialise in internal and external audiences - your employees also as your customers and prospects. Internal interviews - individual or in groups - should specialise in how employees view the firm today and where they need to be within the future. (Here's a more in-depth check out how this process works.) The difference between these two places is that the "brand gap", which may be combined with a replacement brand, provided it's effectively deployed. External interviews typically specialise in how the firm is perceived today - essentially, your current brand, which is that the sum of what your most vital audience cares you.

Why Visible Expert Matters for Professional Services Firm

This brings us to the topic of experience and why it's so important for professional services.

In professional services, expertise is what you sell.

Customers don't wish to buy your services because they like them. they're buying your services to unravel a business problem or seize a chance . for instance they'll need help complying with a regulatory requirement or solving a crucial strategic challenge.

Our research on buyers of professional services reveals what criteria companies use to pick quite one service provider. one among the foremost common selection criteria is specialization, and is that the factor that the majority often suggests a scale in favor of a contract-winning firm.


It is tough to seek out a singular brand position in a neighborhood as crowded and competitive as professional services. it's tempting to return to safe thoughts and tedious claims. But in today's skeptical, fee-sensitive climate, there's nothing "safe" about an indifferent brand. I also can secure a seat at the branding table. But only a very unique brand will ensure a winning hand.

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