How much does marketing video production cost?

Online video has entered the mainstream of marketing. This article looks at what online video cost is and how to develop a suitable budget for your firm. "How much does marketing video production cost?

How much does marketing video production cost?
How much does marketing video production cost?

The cost of video production has decreased dramatically in the last ten years - this is good news. AVERAGE quality of most commercial videos has also declined significantly over the same time period. This is bad news.

Entry barriers for corporate video production are now zero.


Anyone with a camera can create a promotional video for the business and, as a result, it becomes difficult for the business owners to know who they have to go to for their next video project.

Before starting your search for a video production company, you must set a budget for your video project. Here is a link to our video production cost calculator - a tool we developed to help businesses understand the types of costs that go into making a video.

Cost is not the only thing that has changed in commercial video production.
In the last decade, some basic things have also changed for the success of video production. What matters in commercial video - the place where all the values ​​in video production are built today.

How much does marketing video production cost?

Outsourcing video marketing production costs can range anywhere from $ 1,200 for an original video, up to $ 50,000 for a premium video, while an in-house solution typically runs less than $ 5,000 (for equipment).

The decision on which to use often comes down to the purposes of the video.

For example, an explainer video communicates a business unique sales proposition in a compelling way. Since this video will be essentially working on your behalf, 24/7, and probably on the homepage of your website, you want it to be the highest quality you can afford.

If the budget allows, it is probably best to hire the project.

This type of content video is accompanied by very little editing that needs to be done which reduces the cost of production by hours.

There are at least nine different types of videos to market your brand, products and services:


Take away your core message, values ​​and vision in a compelling narrative.


Teach your audience how to do something.


Outline the benefits your customers get through your product / service.


Tell your story through pictures, illustrations and fun visual elements.


Demonstrate a gradual process of interacting with your product / service.

Video Email:

Any marketing video can become part of your marketing list strategy.


Display your product in a fun / dramatic way.

Company Culture:

Give prospects an inside look at how they work in your company.


Answer the questions usually received by the customer service in video format.

What is the cost of online video?

There are three basic factors that drive the cost of productions. These factors are ultimately reflected in dozens of small budget decisions that affect the quality of the final product.


The more time will be spent on pre-production planning, scripting, location scouting, shooting, special effects and editing the better product. Adding more people to the production team also increases the total time spent on the project. More time, more people, equals more money.


The greater the talent of the people working on the project, the better. In online video production, as with most things in life, talented and experienced people spend more.


You can produce a video with your cell phone. Or you can use a professional lighting kit and a high-end camera with sophisticated post-production motion graphics and animation. Sophisticated equipment and top-level professionals who know how to use them add cost.
With these cost drivers in mind we can identify five different levels of quality and cost.

Everything you need to know about video production costs

Make Your Video Cheap (Yahoo)! The truth is, you never know. Even the video producer does not know until it is actually finished.

All the above price samples give you some good ballpark figures with which to play. If you have not come into video production before, here are some tips that will ensure that you will get what you pay for.

1: Use an example video to get a price quote

A good trick to get a price quote from a video agency is to show them a reference video and ask "how much would that cost?"

 2: Compare Options

Get at least three different price quotas. This will ensure that you do not get ripped off because some video producers smell your inexperience.

 3: Time is Money

Sometimes making a video entirely on its own seems to be the cheapest option. However, do not make the mistake of not pricing your time. Video production inexperience will give you a lot of time and worries.

4: View Past Projects

A lot was said about the pricing, but don't forget about the quality. The best way to ensure that your video producer is qualified is to look at his or her previous projects. Are they what you are looking for? Do not go with someone inexperienced as they give you a low price. A bad video is worse than any video.

Video production is not an easy task. Remember that if you are not running an e-commerce shop, you will have to make product videos yourself. Instead take advantage of product videos from brands and manufacturers that can be automatically embedded into your product pages.

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