Interesting ways technology can grow your business

Technology Let us choose the areas in which we want to be smart and in which we are not ignorant. Interesting ways technology can grow your business. It is a cause for celebration, not a moan "

Interesting ways technology can grow your business
Interesting ways technology can grow your business

As technology becomes more integrated with the workplace (what did we do before email?), There are many ways to leverage digital tools to increase productivity. From connecting with your team to managing multiple projects at once, technical solutions make it quicker and easier to get your work done. Here are Interesting ways technology can grow your business:

Despite this, in our digital age, we are growing rapidly with improvements in our technology, inventing AI that can recognize faces in radiography, from chess playing to bot-chat. It's exciting. But technically celebrating power, we risk reducing human intelligence. Humans are born to learn, and our brains are incredible learning tools.

Interesting ways technology can grow your business are as follows:

  • Online collaboration:

Hold meetings virtually so team members can connect from anywhere. During the meeting, share screens or send documents so that everyone is on the same page. Record your virtual meetings for later reference or share with anyone who cannot make the meeting live.

Do you have many people working on the same project? Use cloud-based documents so that you always have the latest version and see the contributions of others. Basicly share feedback and updates with online living documents, connecting teams and completing projects quickly.

  • Knowledge is power

One of the biggest benefits of our technological generation is the ability to supplement education outside the classroom. Access to the Internet is like a tutor that can help people of all ages to understand any subject better. There are great sites out there that offer free online courses on all types of subjects.

Everyone learns differently, some people are visual learners and with access to online learning videos, we all have a chance to improve ourselves. Imagine sitting in the exam hall and being able to watch instructional videos to review your knowledge before taking the exam.

On YouTube, you can identify tons of instructional videos dedicated to guiding students at every stage of their education and fill in the gaps in learning.

  • Manage projects more easily, effectively and efficiently

Technology has enabled business owners and leaders to stay on top of their projects by tracking time and progress. With web-based project management tools such as Basecamp, Monsoon and Podio, you can efficiently collaborate with your teams and share access to documents.

Apps like Rumby can read your business data, analyze it and turn it into reports via graphs on your iPad. Apple has an app called Keynote, which is more relative to PowerPoint in terms of presentation.

What is more comfortable than sitting next to your prospect and confidently performing from your PC? Or using a projector to create a presentation for a crowd?

If you happen to be in a remodeling, repair or construction business, or related areas, displaying "before and after" pictures provides a compelling proof of the value you add to your service or product. The effect of stating the real benefits of your product or services will definitely turn your prospects into serious buyers.

  • Smart as smart

As I mentioned in a previous post about what makes us smart, humans excel in pattern recognition. A particularly salient example is the chess grand masters, who do not have better memories than the rest of us, but can perform amazing feats of memorization in a game of chess, thanks to a device that would surprise psychological information Huh.

In addition, research conducted in decision making suggests that we only transfer information between our work and long-term memories as a last resort. We usually bypass the pattern of accessing the circuit that we have internalized. Neuroscientist Antonio Demacio calls it the somatic marker hypothesis.

So what patterns do we internalize? Naturally, whom we want to specialize. And this is what makes all the difference in the world.

  • Streamline process

As technology evolves, we have to evolve with it. Take a look at the processes you currently use and find weak points that may use some attention. The project approval process may include bringing printed copies of documents to mark your boss. What if you share documents online and they annotate them digitally? Solutions will vary for everyone, but bringing more technology into your workflow can make the process more efficient.

  •  Leave it to a freelancer

Sometimes the way to be the most productive is to leave it to the professionals. The gig economy is booming, and with an online platform to find freelancers, it is easy to find someone best suited for the task.

Technology can also play an important role in systematically optimizing content - considering that all other factors are the same, a blog post, for example, is likely to perform much better if it is optimized . Technology tools can be used to automate the process of adding links and connecting them to external references, among other functions.

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