Principles of Branding for Professional Services Companies

To turn your business into online success requires more than a great idea. You have to arrive before online clutter and formulate a Principles of Branding for Professional Services Companies.

Principles of Branding for Professional Services Companies
Principles of Branding for Professional Services Companies

Everyone is promoting their business online these days and differentiating their brand is more important than ever. Simply building a website is not enough to drive customers to your business. You need to work on your SEO campaign, social media channels and email marketing, but the most important thing is to create a brand image that cuts through digital noise.Principles of Branding for Professional Services Companies plays a vital role.

Make it easy
For many people, the path of least resistance is often what they choose. Regardless of how good your product or service is, make it a time-consuming or complicated process to engage and you will find that users will leave your site. Ensure that the journey through your site is efficient and relevant to your target audience. It is imperative to remove opportunities to improve conversions and make your product or service more accessible and easier to implement. Amazon is a great example of this, and there are many others. One-click order and delivery on Amazon. Once you have your address and payment information stored, you can place an order and pay for it before a second consideration about the purchase.

What is the branding process?

The branding process is the systematic approach to creating, communicating and strengthening a firm's brand. It consists of several successive phases. These steps can vary, depending on who is implementing the process and trying to achieve this specific result.

For example, a design-oriented firm may focus on the design of logos and other materials used to communicate the brand (brand identity). A promotions-oriented firm, on the other hand, may insist on increasing the visibility of the brand (brand building).

Typically, the best result is achieved by taking a balanced approach that pays adequate attention to each step of the process.

When the branding process is applied to an existing firm, it is often called rebranding. Brand development is another term sometimes used to describe the branding process.

When do you need a branding process?
Not all brand-related marketing efforts require a complete branding process. For example, when a firm looks at its marketing material - without changing its market position - that a complete branding treatment is not required. Since only the visual aspect of the brand will be modified, the firm does not need to recreate the basic strategy behind its brand.

Common conditions for the complete branding process include the following:

  • Relocating a firm to compete with a new set of competitors
  • Merger of two firms with different brands
  • Launches a new firm
  • A big change in strategy or direction
  • The emergence of a new competitive advantage
  • Addition or loss of high visibility specialist
  • Launch of an important new service line
  • Commoditization of existing services

We have five simple principles to get you starterted are as follows:

1. Start at the top:

Commitment to leadership is essential. Without it, your brand building exercise is likely to be a short-term marketing effort with limited return on investment.

Senior leaders require a clear understanding of expected program output, their expected level of participation, and of course the necessary investment. Most importantly, they must be willing to be involved in and publicly support the brand development process. Their input and approval is key to any new brand platform, and, once developed, they should embrace it as a key component of the overall leadership message.

2. Open the process:

Professional service brands are living, breathing entities. People are products, and they are in the trenches selling and delivering work each day. When developing or refining your brand, it is imperative to engage the firm's employees throughout the process. Publicize the initiative and seek opinions from more and more firm employees. Not only will they have a wealth of insights that will lead to better solutions, they are more likely to embrace and deliver your final recommendations.

3. Listen to the market:

Unlike brand managers in media-centric categories, professional service marketers do not have access to extensive syndicated category and customer data. This fact relies on each individual firm to develop the base and give it insight to meet market demands. Qualitative insights are always helpful in identifying issues and focusing the discussion. However, quantitative methods are important for surveying a statistically relevant set of customers and prospects and highlighting the drive to actually make category decisions.

4. Define your purpose:

As the globalization of professional services, many companies are engaged in a race of geographical scale and breadth of capacity. Achieving a range of scale and capabilities for the growth of many companies, no doubt. However, based on our research, the scale and scope of services are rarely an important decision driver for buyers.

In this way, commercial services marketers should move beyond product and capability stories and start building more deeply into their brands. Customers today want to know what makes your firm. They want to know what drives the firm ahead and motivate your employees to get out of bed each morning. Today building a strong brand often begins with defining the purpose of a firm and then building a purpose-driven brand framework that communicates powerfully in the market.

5. Build from the inside out:

A great advertising campaign is good, but by no means is the firm not really ready to deliver on the promises of the campaign. For professional services firms, employee involvement and engagement is important. Ultimately, they provide the firm's experience to customers and prospects on a daily basis.

The conclusion

With focus, and a well-developed brand strategy, you've set the foundation and mapped the path to becoming a successful personal brand. There is no better time than the present to begin!
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