Reasons to Go Digital with Your Advertising

Reasons to Go Digital with Your Advertising why digital marketing is a more strategic option for modern marketers than other, more traditional, media options.

Reasons to Go Digital with Your Advertising
Reasons to Go Digital with Your Advertising

Digital advertising is so important that search engines are where almost every customer buying journey begins. Reasons to Go Digital with Your Advertising .For a sense of proportion, consider that Google gets 3.5 billion searches every day, Bing gets about 875 million, and Yahoo gets more than 585 million search queries. This is equivalent to a combined total of about 5 billion daily searches. Yet despite the volume, the oldest joke in digital marketing is "the best place to hide a carcass is on Google's second page" because 60% of traffic goes to the top three lists and less than 10% of all searchers are in the second. Go to the page. Research has also shown that if a user cannot find what they would actually enter in a new, different search term at the top of the first page of search results, instead of drill down into the initial results. Most importantly, 97% of online users do a search to find local businesses like yours.

Paid digital advertising is a marketing method where companies pay "publishers" - such as search engine providers or website owners or social media platforms - whenever a person clicks on or sees an advertisement. Essentially, companies use paid advertisements or keywords for visits to their sites rather than earning income over time. Different companies will bid for a specific keyword in an ad space or in a search, the publisher accepts the highest bid, and then places the ad at the top of the page where it has the highest visibility and the most clicked There is great potential. Substantial click-throughs and the resulting jump in traffic will help convert a buyer's website into a highly ranked destination by Google and other search engines. At the end of the day, this is a very basic equation: spend enough, place a solid ad, and you'll get the top spot on page one in search.

Reasons to Go Digital with Your Advertising are as follows:

1. Digital advertising is targeted:

What if every ad that you create is always seen only by qualified prospects and target audience members? Sterling Cooper may have guaranteed you a partner for some time, but it is becoming the norm today.

Traditional advertising is hit-or-miss, but digital platforms are changing the game. SEO and PPC can put your brand name and marketing of your content in front of customers at every stage of the buying cycle. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn provide flexible advertising options that allow you geographical location, demographics, interests, and other segments.

Finally, since many forms of digital advertising are "opt-in" - from customers who follow your blog and social media accounts, who receive your emails - you know that your outreach is going to those people Who want your information.

2. Provides flexibility through digital advertising channels:

The keyword for success in digital advertising is "multi-channel". With digital advertising, a piece of content can be shared across different platforms, meaning that you will no longer limit the format to a page, 30 seconds, or your traditional ad.

Cisco's new campaign is a great example of capitalizing on multiple platforms. The company distills complex technical topics into a six-second video on the social network Vine, and then augments snippets with that content, such as links to articles about security and analytics. This multi-platform strategy allows their customers to consume the content the way they want it - as a quick snack or a full meal.

3. Easily available:

The use of word of mouth was very difficult in the past when one person would have to deliver a message to another. With digital marketing in the process, it became easier to reach different people. All they have to do is write and share some SEO or web content. On the other hand, Facebook, YouTube and many such sites have helped to reach the market easily. It is encouraging all brands to reach their customers easily, so that they can have direct contact with them to manage and check feedback.

4.Sophisticated strategy:

In businesses, what strategy you create is most important. It is never necessary that the first strategy you have created will succeed, nor is it the second way. So, once you work and plan your weekly or monthly budget and market value, you just put it on the web. In later days, you can see how much work it has done? If you don't find it satisfactory and are working up to the mark, then you can fulfill that rule and refine your plan at that location instead of waiting for a full week or month.

5. Digital advertising maintains top-of-mind awareness:

Does your customer like that sweater? Maybe she does, but maybe not enough to buy it. A study by the Bayard Institute showed that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.53%. And where digital advertising has a big advantage. While it would be creepy and desperate to have customers come out of your store at the mall and beg him to come back to make a purchase, with digital advertising you can reach him again without sounding like a predator.

Through remarketing and retargeting, you can once again suggest to him that he buy that sweater. Retargeting means that the sweater will appear in his Facebook sidebar the next time he logs in or places an ad on his favorite blog that uses Google ads. With remarketing, you can ping it again by email to remind you of that single shopping cart. In fact, abandoned shopping carts may be recoverable by retailers who use marketing automation software to offer sweet deals, like discounts or free shipping. Digital advertising can prevent that sale from slipping.

6. Digital combination with traditional:

So how do we pull it all together? In a good media mix, a unique feature of building a strong digital campaign is that other traditional forms of advertising also improve. The combination will only strengthen your message and reach your audience where they are at any point in the day.

Take myself as an example - I wake up in the morning and turn on my favorite local TV station while I snack and enjoy the latest headlines in my local newspaper. I look at my mobile device to see what friends and family have posted on the social network before walking out the door. When I sit in the car I listen to the radio as I work.


Digital marketing is a simple way to grow your business with a small amount of investment. It benefits you in many ways, more engagement with many different companies and brands. At Vfikr, Directory of professional services you get best digital marketing services. Also, a lot of interaction with your customers so that you can provide them with great products. With this type of marketing, people either get to choose to join themselves or not, it does not interfere at all to make different audiences and customers happy and satisfied.