Types of Video Every Business Should Succeed

Want to make every type of video that every business has to make? this is the matter! Types of Video Every Business Should Succeed Without a Big Budget

Types of Video Every Business Should Succeed
Types of Video Every Business Should Succeed

To achieve your video marketing goals, you will need types of video every business shouldsSucceed from interpreters and promos to case studies and demos.

Here are many different types of SO videos that you can create for your organization. The possibilities from how-to content to case studies, interpreters and beyond are practically endless.

Also, for each different type of video you can create, there are many different styles from which you can get it and the different orientations you can shoot and share.

You Need Types of Video Every Business Should Succeed are as follows:

1. Explanatory Video:

Good for: The initial, discovery phase of the buyer's journey to educate buyers about their product or service and explain why they need it, generate customers and nurture future customers.

Annotator video (sometimes called a product explainer video) is a useful format for interpreting complex products or services and increasing brand awareness. They usually have a high-level look at how the product solves a problem.

Because they are high-end, interpretive videos do not need to show the actual product or service being valuable, meaning that animation is a popular genre choice.

Interpreter videos are likely to have shareable content assets, so try to connect with the audience with the aim of making them attractive and on an emotional level.

You can create overview videos for each vertical or product line you represent. With these, you are not looking to make a difficult sale or pitch, but rather outline a problem that you know your customers have.

The product lecturer video should answer the "what's in it for me" question from your buyer's point of view.

2. Live Video:

Live video is one of the easiest to create and one of the most effective ways to reach your audience online.

And the data returns this:

  • 64% of people watched a live online video in the last year
  • 82% prefer live video from a brand as opposed to social posts
  • Live video is a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal and authentic level and humanize your brand.

Don't be shy to go live, share who you are, what you do, and how you help engage and inspire your audience in real time.

Whether you choose to go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, there are many ways you can use it.

  • Give your followers a view to see your business
  • Show a live event you're attending
  • Share your excitement about your new project
  • Talk about your latest online course
  • A great example of a live video is the Jasmine Star, "Ask Me Anything" community video. 

Brings its audience together each week (same day) to create a deeper community bond
Take advantage of his expertise and share it in a more relaxed environment
Allows him to do one-on-one with his Facebook fans

The key to making these work in your business is constantly appearing, creating a theme around the theme so that they are memorable and valuable to your audience, and then share your expertise.
All this makes you accessible, reliable and empowered.

3. Testimonial video:

There are few things more powerful or flexible than the story. And so 89% of marketers cite testimonials as the type of content with the highest ROI!

A well-organized story testimonial works in several ways:

  • Provides social proof
  • Demonstrates your value proposition
  • Relieves strong emotions
  • But before you approach your next client and ask them to support you in front of the camera, you should know that a little more planning is required on your part to make a strong testimonial video.

Do not trust your customer to do all the work! Ask specific questions about what kind of reactions you can use to craft a compelling story.

4. Features and Benefits Video:

If you had 4 hours to sit with a prospect and steer them through all the information needed to buy your product, you probably get a sale, right?

For most businesses, selling effectively ultimately boils down to transferring everything you know about your product to your prospects. If they knew what you knew, your solution would be a brainless one!

Unfortunately, only 19% of buyers want to sit down with their seller before they are ready to pull the trigger. This means that 81% of your prospects would prefer to research their own solution.

But this creates an entirely new problem: how much information do you keep on your website?

You see, an average 2-minute video can communicate anywhere between 300–400 words of information. If your brand team is smart, they never let you write so much about just one feature or benefit…

This not only makes your website intimidating, but no one is going to read it all.

Instead, put that information into a short video (or series of videos) so you can give more information about your essential product without looking like the Charles Dickens novel on your website!

5. Webinars:

Webinars can be a powerful tool at any stage of the customer journey. They can help create awareness around your brand, nurture those relationships and turn them into sales.

No wonder 78% of buyers say that webinars helped them make B2B purchasing decisions.

Another major benefit of webinars is the controlled environment that they provide. You can talk directly to your audience, know who is listening, talk directly and answer audience questions.

Certainly, webinars may take time to prepare, but they can also be remade later. You can take a webinar and turn it into a blog post, a lead magnet, or several online assets.

6. Promotional Video:

Educational and engaging videos are fantastic - they help build brand loyalty and authority. But at some point, you have to be ready to take your audience to the next step and guide them to your product or service.

Where promotional videos come from. Once you capture your user's attention and create awareness around your brand, it is the last time to convert prospects into actual sales.

But just because you've heard the word hype, doesn't mean they should be in the old school, in-your-face, hardcore sales video.

No. In today's video era, you can "sell" sales without feeling or sound.

A great example of this is Creative Entrepreneur and YouTube Expert

final thoughts

Video is a powerful tool that can help you build awareness of your brand, nurture relationships, and turn conversations into conversations.
So, how about you? What kind of videos would you make?
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