Website competitor analysis for how to beat your competitors online

Conducting a website competitor analysis for how to beat your competitors online is an important part of any general business strategy. This article will show you how to do a website competitive analysis

Website competitor analysis for how to beat your competitors online
Website competitor analysis for how to beat your competitors online

Competition for user attention is steadily increasing as companies take advantage of new ways to share and market ideas online. Although strong search engine optimization helps to attract customers to a site, if the visitors who find it are normal or uninterrupted, they are not going to stay. In addition to hurting your revenue, the bounce rate can harm your SEO.

So how can you make your site memorable and unique, while at the same time entangling potential customers or customers?

Why you should analyze your competitors' websites

Today, being competitive online is more important than ever. Most often, your customers find and evaluate products by first comparing them online before interacting with the company, and counting first impressions!

Website competitor analysis for how to beat your competitors online:

Search Engine Optimization

You can have the most beautifully designed, informative website, but it will be reduced if it does not reduce the chances of people searching.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website appear on the first page of results on search engines to help you gain visibility for your brand. Think about it, when was the last time you visited another page of Google?

Some simple ways to increase your SEO are using relevant content, using relevant keywords, and labeling your images with full text.

It is important that search engines follow major changes in the algorithm so that you can keep your website updated.

Become a social media lover

An integral part of viewing your site, sharing and setting it apart from others, is giving it a social media presence.

Google+, Facebook, Twitter are all valuable marketing platforms that will not get traffic to your site. From a personal experience, the lion's share of my football blog's traffic comes from Twitter and the more you can establish yourself there, the better.

Remember the "Content is king" mantra when using your social media platform. Do not send spam tweets after spamming. Customers and customers do not want to do business with you. Reflect the personality of your business and your site through your social media, interacting regularly with customers and customers. Be interesting.

Navigation and User Experience

It is important to have good navigation and user experience so that your audience can find your exceptional content.

Your navigation menu should be simple and straightforward with a clear path that viewers can take. If you have a lot of pages that you want to direct to people, use the drop-down menu. These should be streamlined so that it does not overwhelm the audience.

It is included in the user experience (UX). Your website visitors should have an easy time and get the information they are looking for.

Loading time is also an important component of UX. Web users want information quickly and are often unwilling to wait for a page to load. Use photos and videos strategically as they can increase load time.

Keep your website content fresh

The best way to connect with potential customers is to keep your website running. Your website is the ideal place to showcase your most recent and best work, reflecting your creative abilities and problem solving skills. If you need to be more direct, host a blog with idea pieces from your colleagues on industry issues. Keep that content relevant too!

Guest post the  most

As I understand, no one really knows what Google will do next, but at the moment its safe guest blogging is very important for SEO front.

By posting on other sites and linking back to you (using the keywords you have identified by Analytics), you will be able to move your site up in the rankings. Just make sure that you are posting only on high quality sites and stick to the "Content is king" mantra, otherwise you can do your site more good, Google is penalizing the so-called "content farm" Is known for

Despite all these SEO stuff, some targeted guest postings will at least spread the word of your site.

When should I do competitive research?

Did not bump into each other in view of the competition. The best time to do this is when you are starting a new website, considering a redesign, looking for a blog topic or something to write about, or as a regular housekeeping task later in the year. just one time.

In the end, most competitive research didn't tell you something you don't already know: that traffic and online success mean sticking to the basics:

  • Writing good content
  • Using social media and other PR tools,
  • Building links, and
  • Taking advantage of your SEO tools.

Competitors' website is a tool to improve your own site, nothing to fear.

These methods will provide you with a basic picture of who your competitors are, how their traffic is, as well as the benchmarks and ideas you need to apply to your website.

Even better, you will start seeing some opportunities and places to fill your website.

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