What happens if your website breaks down? (And who must fix it?)

This happens to me all the time- i'm clicking on my website and that i see a missing image, whiskey formatting or another sort of broken content.What happens if your website breaks down? (And who must fix it?) here we go.

What happens if your website breaks down? (And who must fix it?)
What happens if your website breaks down? (And who must fix it?)

Your website traffic is down, which suggests that your bottom line is suffering. Company leaders face you with an easy question: "Why is my website traffic decreasing?" you would like fast answers (and solutions).
Many of these pages have pictures that are hosted on our site, embedded videos and social media posts, and elements like buttons and email forms that need both embedded code and "styling" by a developer. Any of these things can produce to jacked-up material, but don't be concerned — I'll tell you ways wrong it's .


1. HTML Tag:

What it's like: Headings appear as if normal text, don't appear bold or italic, problems with extra space, paragraphs, and paragraph spacing.

One of the foremost common causes of broken content is missing or incorrect HTML tags. HTML is that the "source code" behind most of the web . Here is that the code for this section, for instance .
If you look closely, you'll see that the majority tags - parts with "" on either side - are available pairs. If the opening and shutting tags in each pair don't match, then what they're telling them inside the text to try to to won't happen.


What it's like: you'll see the words on a page but they're not within the correct location, font, or size. Or, the alignment is awkward, as if the things within the blog feed are colliding with one another .

The issues together with your cascading style sheets (a.k.a. CSS or style sheets) are almost like the HTML problems we've discussed — behind-the-scenes code that's outdated or broken. With CSS, this is often often a compatibility issue. Maybe you've got added a replacement plugin or other element to your website, and there's something in your sheet which will not work with it.

3. Software Update:

Websites are hosted by computers, run by you software! even as your pc must update its OS and programs, an equivalent is true for software hosting your website. These updates may have to be performed directly in your website's content management system or in its software environment, including its OS , database, and more. to take care of the safety and performance of your site, updates are necessary. However, confine mind that updates always have the potential to cause compatibility problems, so it's important to figure closely together with your "mechanic" when installing them.

4. User error:

Websites that use a content management system (CMS) without programming knowledge are a convenient thanks to easily update an internet site . along side that advantage, there's also the power to interrupt down items within a site for untrained or hasty users. to stop user errors from occurring, i like to recommend limiting the entry of the web site to at least one or two people. Admins should receive proper CMS training from your website builder before getting into this important role. once you have questions on updating your site, it's important to finally request documentation for reference from the creator of your website; Then remember to use it!

5. Your Keyword Strategy is Out of Date

An outdated keyword strategy also can cause slow, steady and frequent traffic reductions.
PROBLEM-Companies that have a gradual decrease in website traffic got to evaluate their keyword strategy. albeit you are doing not have a keyword strategy for SEO, it's essential that your content is reviewed and what it brings up in search results.

6. Third Party Update

Similar to browser updates, plugins like third party applications typically push regular updates, which improve security measures and supply improvements to aging programming code. As mentioned above, once you update your WordPress website, it's possible that the plugin employed by your site could also be built for an older version of WordPress and can not be compatible. during this case, you'll either got to update the plugin or if the update isn't available, change it.


How it looks: Most pages look fine, but a component just won't load, like a media item or an extension menu.

JavaScript is another language that developers use to make website functionality. it's often utilized in elements that load differently from the remainder of the page, by running commands to retrieve information from a "script", or elsewhere. These can appear tons of various ways, so it's hard to offer you a comprehensive overview, but you'll need a developer to repair them.

8.  Milling File Source

Screenshot of an example of a picture with a missing source file. What it's like: Broken images and PDFs that will not download.

Things like images and documents are often hosted on your website, which suggests they occupy an equivalent URL as any page or post. If you delete them or change that URL, they're going to not appear altogether the places where you placed the item.

You may be ready to fix it yourself. If the item only appears in one place, edit the code of the page substituting the right URL for the incorrect URL only (you can find the right URL by getting to your media library and searching for an image or document). If the image appears in several places and was only recently broken, try re-uploading the item and entering the first URL (the one that's expecting all those web pages).

Every situation is different, but to form the method more smooth I even have some suggestions to speak to your developer:

  • Explain what's happening on your site, and don't assume that your developer has done anything wrong. Technology changes and sometimes there could also be a drag together with your site. you'll always catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • Let them know that you simply really appreciate their time and expertise.
  • Ask them if there's something you'll fix.
  • Ask about future support plans that you simply can subscribe in an attempt to stay things up and running.
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