Top Reasons to Install Solar Panels on Your Home

Are your utility bills too high? Have you considered using a renewable energy source to power your household? Photos By: Freepik The number of homeowners [...]

Top Reasons to Install Solar Panels on Your Home

Are your utility bills too high? Have you considered using a renewable energy source to power your household?

Photos By: Freepik

The number of homeowners switching to solar power is increasing by the minute. Perhaps the only thing that disheartens residents from investing in such a system is the scope of the initial investment. However, the financial returns are much higher than one can imagine, accompanied by choice of tax credits and rebates by local governments. These incentives are becoming even more beneficial to homeowners over time, as the ultimate goal of authorities is protecting the environment. These are the top reasons for installing solar panels.

Save on Energy Bills

Reducing the cost of utility bills is undoubtedly the main reason why homeowners decide to use the sun as a source of energy. Even though the investment in such a project is intimidating for the majority of residents, the remarkably high return on investment is what encourages them to switch to using solar power. Having such panels installed on the top of the roof will result in lower utility bills from the moment they start generating sunlight. One can choose from a large number of solar power companies, like My Noble Solar, providing homeowners with affordable solutions. The returns on investment are determined by various factors such as the roof size and angle, the size of the panels, the consumption of electricity, as well as the amount of sunlight on a daily basis.

Moreover, these systems aren’t only suitable for residents of sunny areas but also those living in cloudy locations. The solar power generated by the panels on sunny days is used to power households when sunlight is minimal. In areas where sunshine is abundant, the collectors are sunlit approximately five hours a day compared to two hours of direct sunlight in areas with grey weather. By installing residential solar panels, residents waste no time waiting for the saving process to commence. Once these collectors are installed, the cost of the utility bills starts decreasing. Additionally, the panels prolong the lifespan of roofs by providing protection against the damage done by snow, rain, ice, and other weather conditions.

Helping the Environment

Solar energy is one of the rare power sources that work in favor of the environment. The traditional process of producing electricity involves burning fossil fuels, which increases the emission of greenhouse gases and results in water pollution. It’s directly responsible for air pollution and global warming, whose effect is detrimental to public health. Solar power, as a renewable source of energy, minimizes the emission of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and greenhouse gases, particularly CO2. The installation of such a system is ideal for homeowners caring about the environment and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Go here to learn ten tips about reducing the carbon footprint.

Increased Home Value

Another major reason why homeowners opt to install residential solar panels is to increase their home value. Making such an investment would prove beneficial in the event of selling your house at some point in the future. Furthermore, the property value is increased through upgrades and repairs in order to make the place more appealing to future residents. However, installing these panels wouldn’t be favorable only to potential homebuyers but also to your family while living there.

Low Maintenance

In spite of the general opinion, solar panels aren’t demanding when it comes to maintenance. Maintaining these cells is neither painstaking nor overly expensive, as homeowners can perform the task on their own. Due to their remarkable longevity, maintenance won’t be required in the course of the first few years. The regular maintenance of these collectors refers to removing dirt from their surface with the help of a hose. Anyhow, residents of rain-prone areas won’t even have to wash off the dirt, as the rain will perform the job for them. If you don’t have a head for heights, you can hire a professional company to clean the cells at an affordable price, charged per unit. See this link, for some useful tricks about maintaining such panels.

Final thoughts

Switch to renewable energy to save the environment. The planet needs your help!